Monday, February 11, 2008

My sketch...started. Soon I will finish it with watercolours. Not sure why it scanned in blue like that...but am kind of liking it. LOL

This is the cabin we will be staying at in about a week.

I will post the finished painting when it's done.


Sentimente said...

Your artistic talents are so obvious in your portal. This is an awesome sketch, Trish. The best art continues to tell a story long after your first view. This does that.

I agree with with you on the blue tint. It makes the scene almost look like a photo instead of a drawing. Imagine if you had done the sketch on paper tinted in this fashion, say in water colors or pastels?

Thank you for sharing your work.

- Sentimente

Tor said...

Even though I detest snow, these pictures are absolutely beautiful. You need to check out my buddy, CC on WDC. He is a fantastic artist and did the cover art for my book.

Trish said...

Thanks both of you. And this was the beginning, the sketch...I do do my work in watercolours...and am about to post the finished painting. We got a lovely snow day today to cuddle, paint, I finished it and a few other projects.

Tor, I know CC. LOL It's one of the places I know YOU from...he is a great guy and yes, a fantastic artist. I can't believe how good he is on a tablet drawing screen!

That and he is a wonderful husband and father.

Thanks for coming by and for your kind comments. {{hugs}}